Petrklic help z.s. is a civic association founded in 2005 residing in Cesky Tesin. We are located in the town of 30 thousand citizens at the border with Poland and close to Slovakia.


  • PETRKLIC HELP is a platform for creativity.


  • We support young people by offering them space for realizing their own ideas and developing skills.


  1. We believe in the capabilities of young people.
  2. We strive for having a personal approach to every young person.
  3. We offer innovative, creative, highly-developed programs of non-formal education
  4. We welcome all young people and we listen to their ideas.
  5. We co-operate with other organizations and value their work.


Petrklíč help is an educational, innovative non-profit organisation operating in the market since 2005. Management of the organisation has twenty-year experience in the field of international projects. Our team is highly experienced in working with ecological issue. We are particularly focus on helping local farmers to be sustainable. We also have a dedicated support team offering advice and guidance on ecological.

Team of 2 full-time employees and volunteers working on non-profitable project.

Mariola Kluzova – youth worker
– expertise and experience in promoting youth inicitives supported by the municipality, knowledge on tools and platforms developed in the previous projects, building the partnership of relevant actors to better match of the world of education and labour market
– member of various platforms focused on education, regional development, business and investment enables him to disseminate the project outputs easily within the region

Petr Zakrzewski – youth worker

– expertise in project management, especially in the field of education, strategic planning or human resources development (e.g. Local Action Plans in Education)
– coordinator of the Information Center for Youth in Český Těšín
– building the local partnership of educational organizations, entrepreneurs and employers, non-governmental organizations and the municipality to promote entrepreneurship and innovation.

Petr Kantor –  project manager, senior consultant

Youth project manager (15 years experience), senior consultant in European project management and regional development. He has experience in project management in the field of human resources development, also project development and coordination for private companies, educational institutions, public authorities (both national and international level). As a consultant in strategic planning he is now responsible for Youth policy in 20 towns.


Within the scope of the organisation’s programme we offer:
  • international cultural events (events: The Earth Week – festival on ecology, multicultural festival connected to the tea culture “Svatek caje/Święto herbaty”, Outdoor film festival, Film festival on human rights Jeden Svet (One World) and Watch docs. International youth activities within the Erasmus+ program – youth exchanges: Backpack journalism camp,youth workers trainings. We also give youth opportunities to realize their own ideas by providing them financing opportunities.
Within our activities we focus also on local, nationwide activities like:
  • Nationwide school magazine competition,
  • Meetings with travelers,
  • Healthy lifestyle events,
  • Tea degustations,
  • Mongolian yurt tours,
  • Creative recycling workshops,
  • Community gardening
  • Youth Councils
Petrklic help runs five different places connected to various activities located in different surrounding towns focusing on:
  1. Teahouse – a creative and cultural center – connected with the teahouse on a castle hill in the border town. Activities organized by the association are concentrated mainly there
  2. Eco-farm PidiFarma Petrklic that focuses on ecological and educational activities, ecological festival
  3. Information Center for Youth that provide information to young people
  4. Business Gate – Multifunctional business centre operated in cooperation by Karviná city and Silesian University School of business and administration in Karvina
  5. Forest Kindergarden and Forest School
Regular activities:
– lectures, workshops, educational events (e.g. Meetings with travelers – evenings, movie evenings – social inclusion, multicultural workshops connected to different countries, culinary events with volunteers, food degustation). Focus group: youth within 18-30 years old and wider public.– cultural events e.g. multicultural festival “Svatek caje”– thematic exhibitions, festivals, concerts– international youth exchanges for people who are mainly interested in particular topic e.g.: Journalist camps, Youth democracy projects, Youth councilsLarge part of the activities have been performed not only by the European volunteers but also by the local youth involved in the Petrklic activities.– connected to the ecological farm: ecological and permaculture farming, seasonal activities – sowing, garden cultivation, making homemade jams, harvesting the crops, natural building activities – straw-bale building, mud building.– library connected: regular activities connected to the promotion of English library – English classes, English coffee meetings, fairy-tale workshops for children, taking care of the book evidence, and the activities connected to the library and book care.– Youth Councils – participation in the Youth Council meetings, organisation of the meetings,– Business Gate – running events connected to the activities in the Business Gate– Forest Kindergarden classes – preparing the classes (connected to alternative schooling) with children and running them
Occasional activities:
– cultural events e.g. multicultural festival “Svatek caje”, eco-oriented festival “Earth week”, “Outdoor film festival”, “Pidi-festival” and “Pumpkin season” connected to the Ecofarm activities,  – the mentioned events are occasional but their preparation consume more than six months.– thematic exhibitions, concerts.– international youth exchanges for people who are mainly interested in particular topics, mainly: Journalist camps, Youth democracy projects.Apart from the above mentioned regular activities Petrklic help also realizes other activities like trainings for youth workers, participates in partnerships and cooperates with other non governmental organisations in its region. Therefore we try to involve our volunteers as much as possible also in these activities. The European volunteers work also together with a local group of volunteers consisting of high-school students.PETRKLIC HELP employs 3 full-time and 5 part-time employees, but a great majority of our work is performed by volunteers.



The seat of the organisation is in Těšín – city divided by the river into Czech (Český Těšín) and Polish part (Cieszyn). It lies in the heart of the historical region of Cieszyn Silesia. The combined population of the Czech and Polish parts of the city is around 60,000 (25,000 in Těšín, 35,000 in Cieszyn). That´s why one of our key activities is developing cross-borders cooperation between Czech and Polish young people.


Business Gate Academy Aiming to match the creative minds of students with the experience of entrepreneurs. The student teams work on the specific assignment defined by the entrepreneur. Students get the practice, companies the extra capacity or different point of view on how to solve the problem. Connecting theory and practice – every student has to learn a lot of theory. But knowing things is not the same as doing things. If the knowledge is connected with practice only than the useful „know-how“ is generated for professional life. The program delivers real business experience by companies who assign the projects for student teams.


Consulting youth initiatives. Community development consultancy provided to wide range of youth innitiatives aged 13-30 years at regional level (covering organizational processes, fundrising, needs…). Analysis of regional youth needs, incl. medium-term prognosis, educational and coaching activities to increase the employability of young people (know-how in soft skills development).


At present we have 80 active young people who are members in 3 towns (Karviná, Český Těšín, Třinec). We actively seeks resources to support (financial, material, staff-information) for its own youth initiatives. The principles of openness of the authority and decision-makers to youth is applied.


Since 2014, the Volunteer Center has been established at the Regional Library of Karviná, which actively cooperates with volunteers in the preparation of municipal events or library activities. Within VC, a database of volunteers is also created where there is supply of and demand for volunteers.


EVS coordinator working on this position already for 5 years. She has hosted 7 volunteers and is also one of the persons with most responsibilities connected to the EVS in the organization. Is regularly visiting trainings on EVS to stay tuned and up to date. For the last two years she has been an art director of the festival Svatek caje so has an experience with work with people and at the same time with European projects. She has also participated in many trainings for youth workers. It is a person that takes the most care of the volunteers. Provides them with pocket money and the food money. Plans the activities for the volunteer and makes sure that the volunteers’ individual learning plan has been fulfilled. It is also a person that takes care of the volunteers’ comfort and wellbeing in the flat.