Jeden svět v Třinci - One World in Třinec

One World has grown into the largest human rights documentary film festival in the world. The festival works with a broad definition of human rights, and therefore in addition to films about political causes and development themes, the programme also includes films about social issues, the environment and lifestyles.From 2014 we are partner for this festival in Třinec.


The project aim is to increase knowledge and expertise on social enterprise among youth workers who in turn can cascade their learning into practical initiatives.

Tea festival - Svátek čaje

Svátek čaje - Tea Festival is a multicultural festival that has been held regularly in Cieszyn since 2009. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of tea tastings, prepared by Tea Masters from Bohemia, Poland and Slovakia, workshops, concerts and travel meetings to make them the greatest enthusiasts.

Participace ve slezském regionu - cz+pl

Cílem je pomocí partnerství přispět ke zkvalitnění práce s mládeží na území 4 měst Těšínského Slezska ve spolupráci s mládeží a se zástupci neformálního vzdělávání. Realizace projektu umožní rozvoj partnerství, realizaci mládežnických iniciativ, které reagují na aktuální potřeby mladých lidí, společné sdílení zkušeností a realizaci vzdělávacích aktivit mládeže.

Social enterprise sharing best practice as a tool in youth work

The project will build the capacity of partners to engage at all geographic areas from local to European and enable partners new to transnational activity to experience the values of this form of learning.Partners will be more empowered, individual participants selected by partners will benefit from an important professional development opportunity. Young people from partner localities will benefit from enhanced provision resulting from piloting and mainstreaming new methodologies learned from the engagement, sharing and learning with partner.

The Youth Town Council Český Těšín

The Youth Town Council Český Těšín (YTC ČT) is an ‘arms length’ advisory body of the Department of Education, providing leadership and independent advice on youth work. (YTC ČT) is responsible for:- Advise the Department of Education and other bodies on the development of the youth service.- Encourage the provision of facilities for the youth service, and facilities which are especially beneficial to young people.- Encourage cross community activity by the youth service.- Encourage and assist the co-ordination and efficient use of resources of the youth service.(YTC ČT) also plays its part in the implementation of Priorities for Youth and is mindful of the Programme for Young People’s Strategy and Action Plan.

Play to know more about financial literacy

This project give all of us an opportunity to take part of process to create our own board games, which will be dedicated to young people. We are really excited of this idea. Many of all are also experienced of designed and produced games, so we can share best practice between our partners. Experience and cooperation can give us also good quality of result. We hope that each partner will be motivate to hard working and together we achieve our goals.

Youth cards: turn the table!

Projekt mládeže v rámci programu KA3 programu Erasmus, jehož hlavním cílem je zvýšit zapojení mladých lidí do místních veřejných aktivit ve městech Bytom a Vsetín. Karty mládeže v kontextu našeho projektu znamenají kompetence, které mohou mladí lidé využít v zapojení do lokálních aktivit a nastavit přístup založený na partnerství místní samosprávy, lokálních institucí a mladých lidí.

DIGITAL EU & ME "Looking for positive patterns"

Youth exchange promotes creative pro-social attitudes through digital and civic education among young people under the Erasmus + Program. The project will gather 36 young participants in Wieliczka, Poland together with 9 youth leaders from 9 different countries. During the project, we will create stories about the problems of people at risk of exclusion - teaching tolerance, empathy and understanding of other people's situations. We will show different aspects of social exclusion and mobilize to prevent this. We will highlight the problem of sustainable development as a way of building peace in the world and various aspects of Human Rights and their violations.