Are you 18 – 30 years old? Would you like to acquaint yourself with foreign work environment? Do you want to help others?

The international volunteerism programme provides all young people aged 18 – 30 with a unique occasion to experience voluntary service in social and educational institutions or organizations across Europe and other parts of the world.

Petrklíč help is a coordinating, hosting and sending organization. Petrklíč help is an organisation located on the border of Poland and Czech republic. 

Young foreigners can become volunteers either at various centres of Petrklíč help. We run

  • Teahouse with its seat on the castle hill park where volunteers who fall in love with tea science/passion/mistery also get involved.
  • Forest kinder garden
  • Small Ecofarm
  • Youth Information Centre – to gather all necessary information, information products, consultancy and services for children and youth in one place 

Our mission is: We create a space for creativity of young people , volunteering opportunities, personal development, relax and fun.

Our main aim in international volunteering is to introduce young international volunteers to voluntary service at home or abroad, in order to support their personal and spiritual development.

What you get:

  • Developing communication skills of international volunteers, as well as their sense of team work
  • Providing volunteers with an occasion to decide on their future career
  • Mediating better knowledge of volunteers’ work environment and providing advices on how to integrate into it
  • Providing volunteers with intercultural learning
  • Supporting volunteers’ awareness of social responsibility and enterprenuership
  • Bed in an quipped volunteer flat, with Wi-Fi.
  • Pocket & subsistence allowance
  • Czech language classes
  • Insurance at Cigna insurance company
  • Mentor
  • Perfect life experience! 😉


  • Youth councils and youth trainings – development of soft skills to understand global connections and interrelations, to promote critical thinking and empower young people to take part in society
  • Project management connected to youth participation and active involvement in the activities of their environment, natural environment included.
  • PR activities documentation of the events, publication in social media
  • Eco farm: ecological and permaculture farming, seasonal activities, natural building activities
  • Library: regular activities – language coffees, fairy-tales workshops for children, taking care of the book evidence, and the activities connected to the library and book care
  • Environmental education: Earth day, Svátek čaje tea festival and leisure time activities and some in Forest kinder garden
  • Human rights documentary film festival Jeden Svět – enhancing critical thinking of participants -preparation for the festival – logistics support – developing sense of initiative
  • Mongolian yurt – tea is a tool to teaching towards tolerance, mindfulness and understanding
  • Forest kinder garden activities

Since 2005, Petrklíč help hosted 10 international volunteers from  France, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey and Slovakia. 

If you want to join the adventure of voluntary service, contact Mariola Kluzova (tel. +420 725 637 011)